Esports Earnings Potential 2021

Esports is a growing industry. Check out the gaming centres and centres of excellence that are planned or actually in operation. The top six arenas currently around the world are listed and described in this article:

TOP 6 Esports Arenas Worldwide

What is the earning potential for careers in esports. The important thing is to consider that a career in eSports does not necessarily translate to a career actually playing or being the top games player. The support structures around eSports are many and varied. The potential for an amazing and varied career is spectacular.

Here is a list of possible routes into eSports as a career choice and a rough indication of potential earnings.

Broadcast & Production

  • Broadcast & Production
  • Coach / Analyst
  • Caster / Host
  • Agent
  • Pro Gamer
  • Event Manager

Broadcast & Production

Live production work can take place either from an esports studio’s own dedicated facilities, or remote stages and stadiums across the world that require the team and equipment to travel to that location. An esport studio’s dedicated facility might feature various permanent stages or studio sets, as well as custom-built ‘broadcast galleries’, where the production crew work to create the live broadcast.

The end goal for a production crew is to fully manage the process of broadcast planning (pre-production) all the way through to executing the live broadcast for viewers at home to watch live. By incorporating all the elements of a live broadcast like on-air talent, gameplay feeds, live graphics, music, lighting, staging, camera mixes, and streaming – you end up with an esports broadcast.

Coach / Analyst

Coaches work closely with the players, to motivate them, identify their strengths and weaknesses and make sure they are playing at their best. They will develop strategies and analyse opponents in order to win as many matches – and tournaments – as possible.

A coach is responsible for every aspect relating to performance within a team. This includes, but is not limited to, growth of individual skill of the players, team cohesion, in-game strategy, motivational responsibilities and discipline.

Caster / Host

Casters will need good knowledge of the game and teams they are casting, to offer personality and bring a match to life.

There are typically two types of casters: play-by-play casters (who provide running on-the-fly commentary) and colour casters (who provide supplementary information or comment, usually following a noteworthy moment in a game).

Hosts act as the main presenter of a tournament or event. They will usually take the stage, hype the audience up, introduce teams and may be required to interview players and other experts, like a TV presenter.
There can be crossover between casters and hosts, and different tournaments may utilise different formats. Some hosts also work as casters.


An agent will represent a player, caster or other esports professional, perhaps handle paperwork and usually look after the legal aspects of their career, allowing the individual to focus on doing their job in esports.

They will aim to do whatever’s in their clients’ best interests – and will usually take a commission on deals and contracts secured.

Pro Gamer

Pro gamers are usually signed to a particular team and will compete in different tournaments for prize money.
They often start off in amateur or grassroots tournaments – or reach the higher rankings within a particular game – before catching the attention of bigger teams. Pro gamers are among the best in the world and have truly mastered their respective game(s). Because of this, it’s important to be aware that, much like professional footballers or other athletes, only a small percentage will make it to this elite level.

Event Manager

Event managers are responsible for ensuring a particular tournament or esports event is delivered as expected. That might mean it generates certain viewer numbers, ticket sales and a positive reception from fans and the press, or if there are particular difficulties that arise, just making sure the event goes ahead.

This role is similar to a project manager or product manager, but is obviously purely focused on putting together a great event or series of events.

For more details, including possible earnings and salary potential, head over to British ESports Association Page:

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