Content Creator – Spotlight on Izzy Holland

The WTBGaming Team occasionally strikes up a collaboration. We are very excited to seek out that spirit, adventure, and creativity that drives you to be the best you can be at what you do.

We first came across Izzy on our Instagram page where the quality of the videos pricked our attention. We made contact and have agreed to collaborate in the interest of mutual promotion.

Izzy runs a YouTube Channel that you can find here

Izzy’s YouTube Channel

Izzy also has other social media channels:

Izzy’s Twitch Channel
Izzy’s Twitter Channel
Izzy’s Insta Channel

Izzy puts together commentated experiences with various games in a very engaging and informative way. Her more recent video’s include

  • Super Mario
  • Minecraft hardcore survival
  • Minecraft hardcore on Nintendo Switch!
  • Five nights at Freddy’s – fail

We asked Izzy to give us some of her own word’s covering her journey and this is what she says:-

“My name is Izzy Holland, a 17-year-old content creator on YouTube from the UK and back in July 2019, I began my social media journey. For many months prior, I loved makeup and being creative, this is what my social media blogs were originally for but thank you to all my followers and subscribers I’ve adapted to become the content creator that I’ve always wanted to be.

Throughout my life, there have been many moments where I’ve been told I’ll never succeed in what I wanted to do. My dream is to make people around the world smile and I think I’m definitely doing something right. I have over 400 beautiful subscribers who I love so much and I honestly couldn’t thank them enough for accepting my quirky personality into a huge community of amazing people and content creators.

I’ve always loved gaming, it’s been there throughout my life. The first-ever game I played happened to be a game I still play today, Animal Crossing. The love for this game and now many others makes me who I am. You might think that’s a silly thing to say but playing games and sharing my content makes me so happy and that’s all I’ve ever wanted for others too.
It’s very important to me that my viewers feel welcome on my channel,  a place for them to have fun, join in and hang out with me (especially on my live streams).
Whether it’s a random video, gaming, fashion, a reaction video, makeup or special effects- my channel has it all, it’s a space that’s full positivity and content for everyone.” 

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